How do I get my MFP Payment?

That’s a GREAT question! We have had many of our producers ask us about the MFP Payment (Tariff) so we decided we would answer some  questions about it. What is the deadline for signup? The sign-up period for MFP payment runs through January 15, 2019. Who is handling this MFP Payment? This short-term relief strategy […]

Enterprise By County

New with the Spring 2019 crop year Risk Management Agency has introduced Enterprise by County (MCEU).  While we currently don’t know a lot about this we will be learning more in the coming months at our Spring Update meetings.  Here is what we do know. Insured will be able to chose EU (Enterprise) by County […]

Records, Records, Records

What is required for crop records? Farming is more than just corn, beans or other crops.  Farming includes records.  Lots of records.  Records for seed sales, fertilizer, planters, combines, tractors, crop rotation, bushels, acres, landlords and the list goes on and on.  SO, when it comes to crop production records, what’s needed?  Let’s break it […]

Harvest Prices … What you need to know!

What does the lower Harvest Prices mean to you?  It means that it will take more bushels to get to your guarantee.    Both Corn and Soybean Harvest prices were lower than the Spring prices.  Corn guarantees will raise approximately 7.6% and Soybeans guarantees will raise approximately 18.1%.  To calculate this, take your APH Guarantee and […]

How do I know if I’m covered for Snow Load?

Winter is the time of year when many coverage gaps become most apparent, and unfortunately for many policyholders, that realization too often comes after an uncovered loss occurs. Would you be surprised to learn that a policy written with Basic causes of loss does not cover the peril of “collapse due to weight of ice, […]

Giving Day {Volunteering}

#GivingDay  For us at Pickard Insurance Services it is more than just a movement, it’s a lifestyle.  Have you joined the movement?  Our family leads by example, and we encourage our employees, and their families to volunteer – whether it’s some of your time, a donation, gift or the power of your voice in your […]

Thankful November

Pickard Insurance Services is taking the month of November to GIVE THANKS.  Here are just a few things that we are thankful for.  All of them will be posted on our Facebook page throughout the month.  Check them out there also. Allen Pickard – “I’m thankful that Jesus died on the cross for me.  I’m […]

Deep Fat Frying a Turkey

Thanks to the Butterball website for these instructions! Deep-Frying Indoors Using an electric fryer indoors is a great way to get that crispy texture and delicious flavor without having to brave the elements. Given the high temperatures and dangers, be sure to follow these simple instructions: Completely thaw your turkey, or use a fresh turkey. […]

What affects my Auto Insurance Rates?

Know what impacts your rates! Rating factors (meaning what do insurance companies look at when they determine your insurance rates). Your age How many miles you drive annually Car make, model, and age Getting a speeding violation or DUI Causing a car accident How many people are insured on a single policy Where you live […]

2018 Harvest Price Discovery – Corn & Soybeans