5 Valuable Items That May Not Be Fully Covered Under Your Homeowners’ Policy

It’s good to know that your valuable personal possessions are insured against disasters and theft under a homeowners’ policy. But what many people don’t realize is that certain types of items come with coverage limits or caps. Jewelry, watches and furs Silverware and antiques Electronics Firearms Coin collection While a standard homeowners insurance policy provides […]

Suicide – The Silent Killer

2018 is still young, but I know more than one friend who has been impacted by suicide this year. When many of us hear about suicide we are heartbroken. We think about, among other things, lives that ended too early and the families that will never be the same. This past September I was in […]

Recipe Corner – March

Momma Marietta’s Chicken with Sauerkraut By Donna Horkey 6 boneless, skinless chicken breasts 1 package of sauerkraut Swiss Cheese 1 bottle Thousand Island dressing Season chicken a little and place on the bottom of pan. Place sauerkraut on top of chicken and spread Thousand Island dressing over chicken and sauerkraut. Place sliced swiss cheese over […]

Getting to Know Us – Dallas Kistler

Dallas has been with the Pickard Insurance team for almost two years and was recently promoted to full-time Customer Service Representative in our Volga office. Her main priority is processing the paperwork necessary for MPCI and Whole Farm policies including applications, acreage, production, and more. Dallas is a mom of two children. Abilene, 6, is […]

Spring Cleaning Insurance Checklist

Spring Cleaning means a thorough cleaning, typically undertaken in the spring.  Pickard Insurance Services thinks that spring is a great time for a Spring Cleaning Review of your property/ casualty insurance. Not sure where to start, consider these six questions below: 1.    New major purchases 2.    Additional Jewelry 3.    Firearms upgrades/additions 4.    Silverware purchases or […]

Is Your Uncle Telling You How To Farm?

The scenario of the (Common Land Unit) CLU Every field has a CLU assigned to it. If you notice on your FSA maps there is a CLU number listed. Years ago, Pickard Crop Services GPS mapped every field they insured and printed the farmers a satellite image of their fields with the CLU on the […]

Cost Cutting for 2018

You probably consider your budget for each decision you make for your operation. You probably have a good guesstimate of where you are throughout the year. That certainly doesn’t make a conversation with your banker any easier. Where can you cut costs? Where should you cut costs? Most financial decisions are made with your banker. […]

Umbrella – A protecting force or influence

Umbrella – a protecting force or influence.  An Umbrella can protect you from getting wet in the rain, sunburned on the beach, but what does this have to do with insurance? Umbrella insurance is extra liability insurance. This type of insurance policy is designed to help protect you from major claims and lawsuits and as […]

2018 Spring Price Discovery – Corn/Beans

Don’t Let Burst Pipes Rain On Your Parade!

You’re catching up on some laundry and everything’s going fine. The next thing you know, water starts gushing across your floor when your washing machine water supply hose suddenly fails. You get the water mopped up, but a few days later your wood laminate floor starts buckling. You get up in the middle of the […]