2018 Spring Price Discovery – Corn/Beans

Don’t Let Burst Pipes Rain On Your Parade!

You’re catching up on some laundry and everything’s going fine. The next thing you know, water starts gushing across your floor when your washing machine water supply hose suddenly fails. You get the water mopped up, but a few days later your wood laminate floor starts buckling. You get up in the middle of the […]

Just for Fun – February ‘National’ Holidays

Enjoy these February National Holidays!  We especially like the Pizza Day and the Sticky Bun Day.  We have chosen just a few of them, there are many many more just search the internet, it knows everything. February 1st National Texas Day February 2nd Bubble Gum Day – First Friday in February National Groundhog Day National […]

Baubles and Bling should be protected also!

While it may be the last thing on your mind during the holiday rush but with nice holiday present ‘bling/bauble’ comes great responsibilities—including insuring they are properly protected with the right insurance. What happens if you lose your ring? What happens of the clasp breaks on your diamond necklace? If someone steals it? If it […]

Just for Fun – December ‘National’ Holidays

Enjoy these December National Holidays!  We especially like the Cotton Candy day on December 7th.  We have chosen just a few of them, there are many many more just search the internet, it knows everything. December 1 National Pie Day National Eat a Red Apple Day December 2 National Fritters Day December 3 National Roof […]

ABC’s of Crop Insurance

Allen Pickard Crop Insurance Specialists Do you get tired or maybe even confused hearing about all the different crop insurance policies beckoning for you to spend your hard-earned money? Well, I’ve been doing my homework, and I wanted to share with you some of the policy options that exist in the crop insurance world. You’ll […]

Corporations? To split or not to split

Allen Pickard Crop Insurance Specialists So, you had a 2017 Whole Farm Revenue Protection (WFRP) policy. Now what? Your Schedule F 2017 tax filing will tell the tale of your farming operation. Think back on the past year. How did your cattle sell? How did your grain harvest meet your income goals? It is possible […]

Winterizing Do’s

Kurt Pickard Insurance Specialist Most homes can be winter-proofed in a day.  In “the olden days” entire farm families wintered long, frigid months crammed into one or two downstairs rooms of their uninsulated homes. Sure glad we don’t have to do that nowadays, but we still have to winterize! Cover the windows to keep the […]

Humble and Kind

Stu Hofer Crop Insurance Specialist Gary and Nancy Baker, along with Gary’s brother and sister-in-law, Jim and Denise, were named the Black Hills Stock Show 2016 Stockmen of the Year. The Bakers maintain, between their three separate operations, a herd of approximately 1000 commercial Black Angus cows, the Badlands Sand and Gravel, Inc., and a […]

Where did we come from?

by:  Jim Pickard Pickard Insurance Services founder In 1998 I had just finished putting up my first cutting of hay when my crop insurance agent drove in the yard. He said he had some health problems and had to go to Rochester for further tests. Since I had a crop insurance license (as a requirement […]