2017 Fall Soybean Harvest Price Discovery

Fall in South Dakota 2017 Photo Series

For those of you not in South Dakota, here is a small glimpse of what Fall looks like in South Dakota.  Enjoy

What in the world is Falconry?

Falconry doesn’t have to be reserved for aristocracy and Saturday Night live skits. Though it has dropped out of favor in our increasingly technological society there are still several of us who enjoy practicing falconry today, about 25 active falconers in South Dakota. Falconry is a great way to reconnect with nature make friendships with […]

Hey … Hay on the Move

When you travel western South Dakota these days it is evident that lack of rain is causing the ranchers and farmers to adjust their plans for this year.  Some CRP has been released for haying and it looks like a busy bee hive around these parts.  The amount of hay being put up is eye […]

Looking ahead at Soybeans

As many of you know, our office is directly across from the SD Soybean Processing plant in Volga. We see from our office every day the expansion taking place at this sight. My memory goes back to when this plant was being built. I was chair of the Brookings County Commission at the time and […]

Back to School … What you need to know

Any parent who has sent a child off to college knows that many days are spent preparing their child for this new stage in their life.  When a parent sends a child off to college, there are always insurance questions that should be considered. Will the parents’ homeowners/renters policy extend coverage to the child’s personal […]

What’s happening with the Farm Bill?

There are a lot of opinions about the upcoming Farm Bill. (How’s that for stating the obvious?) There are more than a couple of opinions regarding subsidy caps for farmers. Not everyone agrees on how conservation should be handled. The list of things people have varying opinions about may be endless. Our representatives in Congress […]

Counting Wheels … 18?

Ahhh, August. This month is the “other” month of the year when resolutions get made “I’ll have time to do it when the kids are back in school.” Of course, for many farm families, the resolution is, “We’ll have to get it done before the kids are back in school.” As you are finishing hay […]

Summer in South Dakota 2017 Photo Series

For those of you not in South Dakota, here is a small glimpse of what Summer looks like in South Dakota.  Enjoy

Hail and Nationwide … A Success Story

A little over a month ago I was at a hotel in Omaha getting ready to leave for Jamaica. Unfortunately, there was hail traveling through Nebraska and my car was hit by some nasty hail (see photo). Since it was dark I couldn’t tell whether or not there was damage. Unfortunately, when I returned over […]