Whole Farm Revenue Protection

wfrp-facts What is Whole Farm Revenue Protection? 
Whole Farm Revenue is a product which allows a person to insure their whole farm utilizing the income from the Schedule F.

Whole Farm Revenue isn’t a new idea to the insurance industry. Before WFRP there was AGR and AGR Lite, these two products worked good for the East and West Coast where the Fruits and Nuts are located. These two products were based off of revenue as well. The new WFRP was designed with all 50 states in mind.  The first year of this program the rules stated that you couldn’t have any one source of income be more than 35%. The following year that rule was removed. The 2016 rule says you can’t have more than a $1 million net in animal products. Further regulations may apply based on the RMA Handbook each year, and is subject to change.


What does that mean? 
At the end of the year they are going to guarantee you X amount of revenue.  Many in the ag community are scared about the future of farming. With Whole Farm you will be able to present your financial institution with a plan that works and is tailored to your farming operation. In many situations this can assure lenders that your operation is financially viable in 2017. The Financial Institutions that our agency has explained this to wonder why everyone doesn’t jump on this.

One of the models that we worked on for 2016 showed a gross income of a $1 million plus, insuring 4 commodities (one of which was cattle). In price drop alone, on 1 commodity, this model showed that the insured would have an estimated $137,000 loss for crop year 2016. Again, that was only on 1 commodity.  Further regulations may apply based on the RMA Handbook each year, and is subject to change.


What is my first step? 
Contact us to find out if Whole Farm can work for you.  To get a quote for 2019 Crop Year, we would need the past 5 years (2013-2017) of your Schedule F to start the process.  This will allow us to get a base line to build the model and provide you a quote and recommendation. In a nut shell, you may be able to insure the average price off of the last 5 years of your schedule F (2013-2017).

All information on this page subject to change at any time based on RMA regulations each year.


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