Gail Markham

Executive Office Manager / Marketing Director

What’s in a name?  Well, more than you would think!

For instance Markham doesn’t tell you that I am the daughter of James & Sylvia Pickard and that my brothers are Allen and Kurt.  It also doesn’t tell you that I have a sister that lives and works in Russia, Kerry.  I also have two sister-in-laws, Jennifer (married to Allen) and Christine (married to Kurt)I have been married to my Texas born husband, Bobby, for 25 years.   We have been in Brookings for the last 15 years.

I have a Bachelor degree in Information Technology and direct the company’s Marketing & Social Media presence.   I have also done Marketing/Graphics design for the Outdoor Adventure Center of SD, when it was a non-profit in Brookings,  SD.

My name also doesn’t tell you that I play the piano, since I was in kindergarten, and am on the worship team at Gracepoint Wesleyan.  Bobby and I also teach the 2-year old class each Sunday during the school year.  While we two four legged kids of our own, a Yorkie, Dutch, and a cat, Lucy.  We spoil and adore our nieces and nephews Conrad, David, Johanna, Kassandra and Alexis.

Hopefully this has given you some insight into what is in my name.