Life Insurance & Estate Planning

Protect your Life Savings

– Will your family be left in financial problems because Uncle Sam took your life’s savings away from your family?

– Will your family be able to sustain or hand down your operation after you are gone?

We also offer life and long term care insurance to assist with your estate planning needs.


Estate Planning at no charge or obligation:
– Our Estate Planning department  is professional and knowledgeable to offer you a program this will work for your situation and one you can understand.

– Your program will be in compliance with state and federal regulations so there are no surprises when the time comes to implement your plan.

Let us
1. Review of wills and trusts
2. Review of life insurance and annuities checking for proper ownership, benefits, and the health of policy and insurance company
3. Review of Title-ship of Assets
4. Review of Estate Plan for potential red flags